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Friday, November 18, 2011

Happiness depends upon ourselves.!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Amazing !

                  Artist Julian Beever !


His art is extremley unique and very amazing. This guy makes 
his paintings on the footpaths and pavements but when you 
look at them from a certain angle, they appear to be 3D !!! 
And in some cases they are just lifelike! 

Everybody should know about such an amazing artist and get a chance to praise his unique art! 

              Check it out!   


Look at the same painting from a different angle!

        Now here is an ultra cool one -


 Here is the one made totally by the artist!  

         Here is one Awesome Art!  

        Check this one out -

         Check out the next one -

           A really Big box of crayons !


Would you Believe that he is just sitting on the pavement !!!

      A whole city under the pavement !!

 Look at the church, well it is real! But look at   
 the reflection in the little pond -

        Oh My God, Look at this-

       Look at this monstrous lobster -

This is our artist's idea of how the politicians should meet their fate !!!

Did he just break a part of the pavement he was 
drawing on ??